Thursday, December 23

wonderful Christmas time.

i'm bad at remembering about this thing. it's really sad, because i love blogging.

it's Christmas time! i love Christmas. i love driving around and looking at lights, singing Christmas carols, and making Christmas popcorn. Here is how Christmas break goes at my house:

There's a cat living in the air ducts in my house. No biggy, right? Just a cat. wrong. it's stuck. Like, this freakin cat found its way into the air ducts and can't get down. It meows all the time, and it runs around in circles in the middle of the night making even more noise. And it poops! It poops everywhere! And I just don't get that, because it's stuck in an air vent, so where does the thing get food to poop? I don't know but it is circulating through the house and it reeks. So I basically live in a litter box. And this cat? It's very angry. Like....superbly upset at the world right now. I would be too, were I in such a position. My boyfriend works at a vet's office, and he HATES cats. So naturally, we ask him to catch the cat for him an opportunity to take out his anger towards cats. This cat in the vents has a mother living (and POOPING) in the basement as well. She has demon speed. One night he spent an hour chasing the cat around and around and around the basement as it pranced easily around between boards and vents. Poor, poor Taylor haha. That cat was just playing with him. As the day came to a close, the cat paused in the corner. It eyed him, and he gripped the animal snare tightly and placed it to where the cat would jump through it. As the cat prepared to pounce, Taylor lunged. As he flew slow-mo through the air, his foot caught the edge of our pool's solar cover. His face=priceless. He face planted. SO hard. The cat was all but pointing and laughing. As his head smacked the wall, the shelf toppled and spray paint crashed to the floor, puncturing the can. The basement, and Taylor, quickly were turning black and he picked up the can and ran it outside to the trash barrel. Getting it ALL. OVER. his truck. I spent an hour scrubbing paint off his truck trying hard not to laugh. Singing Christmas carols in my head. Then we played cards for hours on end, switching partners and decks until Everyone had won a hand of Nerts.
We watched Beauty and the Beast, Inception, and How the Grinch Stole Christmas.

I told you. I love Christmas time. :)