Wednesday, August 11

you're here to love.

my 30 day letter challenge was one big fat fail. i did two of them. also, i went camping at piney last night. i jumped off rope hole and broke my tailbone. fail numero dos. THEN. i got hot and left the tent unzipped. 11 bug bites on my left foot, alone. a trifecta. its been a while since last time i did this, huh, Les?

last week i went on a mission trip to South Dakota. and it was pretty awesome, i must admit. at times though, it was just long. just a part of the country with no AT&T carriers. just two community showers for all 27 of us.just sharing an air mattress for ten days straight. just 5am wakeup calls. it was just a two day drive, during which i slept about 80% of the time in the floor between seats. i was just exhausted. but that really just describes a tenth of the trip.

looking at the pictures, i think a lot of people would question how much "mission" was involved in this mission trip. you'd see the bouncy houses and the grills. the sno cone machine and the popcorn maker. cotton candy and lemonade. good music and skateboarders. it just looked like a lot of fun! and it was. it was a little, almost discouraging? no, that's not the right word. you know on a mission trip you think you should feel like you're accomplishing something that has immediate results. like the construction crew had. we didn't really have that. it seemed like all we did was knock on doors and play with cute kids. but maybe that's just part of it.

we were part of a church plant that week. connection church in spearfish, south dakota, the only southern baptist affiliated church in that area of the dakotas. it doesn't exist yet, but the kids in that town already are talking about it. i think that's cool. i mean maybe all they remember about connection church is kids with funny accents playing ultimate with them. but they remember it. that's what they kept telling us. "basically you're here to gather the information we need to start a church in a way that appeals to this community. you're here to talk about their kids. you're here to listen to their music. you're here to watch them skateboard, and oo and ahh when they do something cool. you're here to serve a hot dog that may ultimately change lives. basically you're here to love."

i liked that.