Thursday, July 15

grape popsicle pops are the best therapy. period. :)

i'm sitting on the couch watching last week's Rizzoli and Isles --awesome chick version of CSI, by the way. i recommend it-- and listening to my mom discuss different types of parenting on the phone while she fries me some post-practice bacon and eggs. i think she's got it down pat. :)

i pulled a muscle tonight playing basketball that i honestly didn't even know existed. i finally found this one really, REALLY awkward stretch that sorta helps it. it involves sitting cross-legged with my upper-body leaned to the right. then i have to lay down to where my nose touches the floor. it hurts the entire rest of my body to do that though, so i've found complacency curled up with a huge glass of orange juice and some old sweat pants.

"summer ain't summer without popsicle pops" -walmart commercial.

don't you think that's false advertisement? i mean what if you were allergic to Popsicle pops..would you be forced to completely skip June-September? didn't Nike get sued for something like claiming shoes could make you jump faster or run higher or something like that? now their shoes are outrageously expensive. i hope those 98-cents of icy deliciousness don't suffer the same fate. because way deep down.. i really do agree. it's just not summer without a grape Popsicle pop to me.

we have them sometimes after practice. i'm the only one on the team who likes grape, so i typically get two or three. well, i take that back. Karsten, my coaches 10-month-old son, likes them too. i'm starting to think he must really like me. he used to cry when i held him, and now he comes running--well, more like a run-stumble-hobble-crawl type of thing. this always brightens my day, because he has the most ADORABLE smile. and he smiles a good 93% of the time. i wish i could be a toddler. everyone would want to hug me. i would smile all the time. i get left-over Popsicles. and people would call me cute, whether i really am or not. simply because i'm one year old and wear shirts that say "my daddy's the coach."

i'm exhausted.. i wouldn't say i'm sleepy, really, just that my whole body is beginning to slowly stop functioning. so i suppose i'll stop here.

do you remember the tv show, Madeline? -- "and that's all there is, there isn't anymore."

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