Monday, June 21

i like stuff like this. a lot.

i like sunrises. but you have to get up so early to see them. what's great is a sunset like this. you can't tell, but the picture was on accident. i was trying to play back a video on the camera. sweet, huh?

its 102 degrees outside and 84 degrees inside my house. i can only use the computer for so long before its starts getting hot and presents the danger of a heat stroke for me. why so hot? i just don't understand.

i'm bad at blogging. i always forget. actually, that's probably not true. its really because my life is fairly un-eventful and not worth blogging about.

super summer's tomorrow! its gonna be way awesome..cause mine, brooke & taylor's shirts are awesome! also...i have blue hair. its actually a cross between purple and green, as redheads and temporary hair dye aren't a highly recommended combination. i still have to finish packing. procrastinator? no says i. broke is really the answer. my momma's gone for a week and there wasn't any laundry detergent. yesterday i watched the west virginia ninja, thus the no says i.

i guess that's it. :)

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