Sunday, April 4

so what happens when you plan..and plan and and plan. and you wait, frustrated and impatient, because you know what you want and you know you don't want to give up on it. and your vision finally starts to become a reality....and then wham! all of a sudden there a shiny, new, simpler route you can take. and this new route will change everything..literally. its not exactly what you wanted, but there's no denying you wouldn't be thrilled with said new route. what do you do? ahh!

i hear we're supposed to pray about stuff like this. i get that. but its like praying for patience.. God doesn't hand out patience. God hands out situations with which to build patience. too bad i can't pray for God to make the decision for me. i mean i suppose i could, but what if i don't like the outcome? this is what i'm afraid of:

"...saved the first for another day. but knowing as how way leads on to way, i doubt if i should ever come back..."

never thought i could relate that hideously boring poem to real life. good thing i took the time to actually memorize it.

did you know that if you memorize something in a weird voice (i.e, learning the Robert Frost poem in a british accent..) makes it -on average- 73% easier to learn? i'm sure there's a study to prove it..if not, i'll be the study that proves it. i think i could probably get rich that way. not that i'm all about the money, i could be just fine with never earning a dollar. of course, that would mean i'd be forced to marry rich and enjoy a country-club lifestyle. but i feel that if that's what it takes, then that's a sacrifice i must make. you know, for the furthering of...memorizational education. if there is such a thing..

i've come to a conclusion. i'll just avoid all confrontations and decisive situations by fantasizing about derby-days and soccer mom t-shirts and brainstorming non-profit get-rich-quick schemes. i feel its a safe bet.. dont you?