Thursday, December 23

wonderful Christmas time.

i'm bad at remembering about this thing. it's really sad, because i love blogging.

it's Christmas time! i love Christmas. i love driving around and looking at lights, singing Christmas carols, and making Christmas popcorn. Here is how Christmas break goes at my house:

There's a cat living in the air ducts in my house. No biggy, right? Just a cat. wrong. it's stuck. Like, this freakin cat found its way into the air ducts and can't get down. It meows all the time, and it runs around in circles in the middle of the night making even more noise. And it poops! It poops everywhere! And I just don't get that, because it's stuck in an air vent, so where does the thing get food to poop? I don't know but it is circulating through the house and it reeks. So I basically live in a litter box. And this cat? It's very angry. Like....superbly upset at the world right now. I would be too, were I in such a position. My boyfriend works at a vet's office, and he HATES cats. So naturally, we ask him to catch the cat for him an opportunity to take out his anger towards cats. This cat in the vents has a mother living (and POOPING) in the basement as well. She has demon speed. One night he spent an hour chasing the cat around and around and around the basement as it pranced easily around between boards and vents. Poor, poor Taylor haha. That cat was just playing with him. As the day came to a close, the cat paused in the corner. It eyed him, and he gripped the animal snare tightly and placed it to where the cat would jump through it. As the cat prepared to pounce, Taylor lunged. As he flew slow-mo through the air, his foot caught the edge of our pool's solar cover. His face=priceless. He face planted. SO hard. The cat was all but pointing and laughing. As his head smacked the wall, the shelf toppled and spray paint crashed to the floor, puncturing the can. The basement, and Taylor, quickly were turning black and he picked up the can and ran it outside to the trash barrel. Getting it ALL. OVER. his truck. I spent an hour scrubbing paint off his truck trying hard not to laugh. Singing Christmas carols in my head. Then we played cards for hours on end, switching partners and decks until Everyone had won a hand of Nerts.
We watched Beauty and the Beast, Inception, and How the Grinch Stole Christmas.

I told you. I love Christmas time. :)

Wednesday, August 11

you're here to love.

my 30 day letter challenge was one big fat fail. i did two of them. also, i went camping at piney last night. i jumped off rope hole and broke my tailbone. fail numero dos. THEN. i got hot and left the tent unzipped. 11 bug bites on my left foot, alone. a trifecta. its been a while since last time i did this, huh, Les?

last week i went on a mission trip to South Dakota. and it was pretty awesome, i must admit. at times though, it was just long. just a part of the country with no AT&T carriers. just two community showers for all 27 of us.just sharing an air mattress for ten days straight. just 5am wakeup calls. it was just a two day drive, during which i slept about 80% of the time in the floor between seats. i was just exhausted. but that really just describes a tenth of the trip.

looking at the pictures, i think a lot of people would question how much "mission" was involved in this mission trip. you'd see the bouncy houses and the grills. the sno cone machine and the popcorn maker. cotton candy and lemonade. good music and skateboarders. it just looked like a lot of fun! and it was. it was a little, almost discouraging? no, that's not the right word. you know on a mission trip you think you should feel like you're accomplishing something that has immediate results. like the construction crew had. we didn't really have that. it seemed like all we did was knock on doors and play with cute kids. but maybe that's just part of it.

we were part of a church plant that week. connection church in spearfish, south dakota, the only southern baptist affiliated church in that area of the dakotas. it doesn't exist yet, but the kids in that town already are talking about it. i think that's cool. i mean maybe all they remember about connection church is kids with funny accents playing ultimate with them. but they remember it. that's what they kept telling us. "basically you're here to gather the information we need to start a church in a way that appeals to this community. you're here to talk about their kids. you're here to listen to their music. you're here to watch them skateboard, and oo and ahh when they do something cool. you're here to serve a hot dog that may ultimately change lives. basically you're here to love."

i liked that.

Wednesday, July 21

30 day letter challenge.

i've come across the 30-day-letter challenge. you know, sometimes i think writing things down is a good thing. it helps express ideas that you wouldn't necessarily say out loud. of course, for me that's a short list. i typically say everything out loud. --character flaw i know. but when i think about it, if i chose not to say it out loud, there's probably a very good reason. and if you wouldn't say it out loud, should you really write it down on paper? .... exactly.

but it says challenge. so i'm gonna do it.

Thursday, July 15

grape popsicle pops are the best therapy. period. :)

i'm sitting on the couch watching last week's Rizzoli and Isles --awesome chick version of CSI, by the way. i recommend it-- and listening to my mom discuss different types of parenting on the phone while she fries me some post-practice bacon and eggs. i think she's got it down pat. :)

i pulled a muscle tonight playing basketball that i honestly didn't even know existed. i finally found this one really, REALLY awkward stretch that sorta helps it. it involves sitting cross-legged with my upper-body leaned to the right. then i have to lay down to where my nose touches the floor. it hurts the entire rest of my body to do that though, so i've found complacency curled up with a huge glass of orange juice and some old sweat pants.

"summer ain't summer without popsicle pops" -walmart commercial.

don't you think that's false advertisement? i mean what if you were allergic to Popsicle pops..would you be forced to completely skip June-September? didn't Nike get sued for something like claiming shoes could make you jump faster or run higher or something like that? now their shoes are outrageously expensive. i hope those 98-cents of icy deliciousness don't suffer the same fate. because way deep down.. i really do agree. it's just not summer without a grape Popsicle pop to me.

we have them sometimes after practice. i'm the only one on the team who likes grape, so i typically get two or three. well, i take that back. Karsten, my coaches 10-month-old son, likes them too. i'm starting to think he must really like me. he used to cry when i held him, and now he comes running--well, more like a run-stumble-hobble-crawl type of thing. this always brightens my day, because he has the most ADORABLE smile. and he smiles a good 93% of the time. i wish i could be a toddler. everyone would want to hug me. i would smile all the time. i get left-over Popsicles. and people would call me cute, whether i really am or not. simply because i'm one year old and wear shirts that say "my daddy's the coach."

i'm exhausted.. i wouldn't say i'm sleepy, really, just that my whole body is beginning to slowly stop functioning. so i suppose i'll stop here.

do you remember the tv show, Madeline? -- "and that's all there is, there isn't anymore."

Monday, June 21

i like stuff like this. a lot.

i like sunrises. but you have to get up so early to see them. what's great is a sunset like this. you can't tell, but the picture was on accident. i was trying to play back a video on the camera. sweet, huh?

its 102 degrees outside and 84 degrees inside my house. i can only use the computer for so long before its starts getting hot and presents the danger of a heat stroke for me. why so hot? i just don't understand.

i'm bad at blogging. i always forget. actually, that's probably not true. its really because my life is fairly un-eventful and not worth blogging about.

super summer's tomorrow! its gonna be way awesome..cause mine, brooke & taylor's shirts are awesome! also...i have blue hair. its actually a cross between purple and green, as redheads and temporary hair dye aren't a highly recommended combination. i still have to finish packing. procrastinator? no says i. broke is really the answer. my momma's gone for a week and there wasn't any laundry detergent. yesterday i watched the west virginia ninja, thus the no says i.

i guess that's it. :)

Tuesday, May 25

we must be swift as a coursing river...

portfolio: done.
new schedule: done.
all that's left are finals. :)

i like having things done.
i performed a broadway version of "i'll make a man out of you" from Mulan, my all time favorite movie, for my chemistry, calculus, and english classes today for a total of 6 dollars and 7 bonus points. i'd say that it was well worth the time spent learning the dance, wouldn't you?

i heard once that the words you use most in everyday conversation can reveal a lot about you, you know, as a person in general and what not. i'm not sure if that's true, i just heard it once.
my top three are probably "sometimes," "actually," and "why?"
does that mean that i have trouble making up my mind? and that i'm contradicting? and too curious? i suppose that's possible, i mean i don't make decisions. and i can be quite argumentative. and i'm definitely too curious for my own good. i'm like a cat or something.

i learned last thursday night that 4:00 actually comes twice a day, and that 5-hour energy shots taste great mixed with gatorade. and that i have the best boyfriend ever :)
its was quite an adventure waiting til the last minute to put together that awful thing. but i actually recommend it. it was actually really fun. my favorite line of the whole portfolio?
"the color of my thought about my up-coming senior year is lime green, because it's exciting, but too much of it gives me a headache."

i'm pretty sure i'm going to use the philosophy of Sheng, from Mulan, when it comes to my senior year. you know, be swift as the coursing river. with all the force of a great typhoon. with all the strength of a raging fire, mysterious as the dark side of the moon.. or something like that..

Thursday, May 13

portfolio time :)

my celebrating me gives me mixed emotions.

i don't like re-writing already-neat papers. i hate those little clear plastic sleeves you have to put them in because they give you nasty paper cuts. and i was fat when i was in middle school and personally, i just don't feel i should have to relive that by putting a sixth grade picture on the front cover of a portfolio that will passed around for everyone to see.

the pros? i get to spend a lot of time in Hobby Lobby, and "i can't. i've gotta work on my portfolio" is a nice way to get out of chores.

but i also like seeing how i've changed over the course of my junior year. and oh believe me i have! there were lots of "first day of school questions" and things to fill out about who i am and what i think about life in general. and the first few are short and freakin' bitter! maybe not bitter, but definitely not happy. i felt like everyone was going away, and i was stuck here. in lamar. with nothin' to do.
the only things that didn't really sound bitter were about zack. some were about how goofy he was and how i was glad i had a friend like him. and gradually they got cheesier and cheesier. i'm sitting here trying to remember the last real conversation i had with zack. we'd just played in the scranton tournament, a week before Christmas. we talked about how my grandma made some really good enchiladas last time i was out in Kentucky. 7 months and a conversation about chicken enchiladas and then nothing. not another call. text. letter. bitter was the story of my life.

i suppose i grew from that. gained some patience and common sense and what-not. as the papers continue to land in my little blue folder, they're getting longer (which i regret now that i'm re-writing them all) and happier. its like reading a book. one that you think you might've read before, but its been a while and you aren't really sure. when something significant comes up, it's like "Oh yeah!! I remember that!" and you either want to laugh hysterically or be all sentimental and what not. and everything else, the little minute details, those just add to the suspense.

sometimes i'm like, why in the world would i write something like that down on paper? how dumb was i? but it makes me laugh. once in a prompt we had to write about something we know like the back of our hand. i said, my driveway. i could back out of it among the trees and trailers and trucks with my eyes closed. apparently i don't know the back of my hand very well. i hit a tree just the other day. things like that make me laugh at my own hard-headedness.

oh! hey leslie, i have a boyfriend. his name's taylor. and he speaks a ridiculous amount of spanish in everyday conversations. to people who aren't hispanic. i thought you might like to know, oh you who stalk me relentlessly. :)
all done. oh! and vedera is a pretty stinkin' cool band. i like em. a lot.

Sunday, April 4

so what happens when you plan..and plan and and plan. and you wait, frustrated and impatient, because you know what you want and you know you don't want to give up on it. and your vision finally starts to become a reality....and then wham! all of a sudden there a shiny, new, simpler route you can take. and this new route will change everything..literally. its not exactly what you wanted, but there's no denying you wouldn't be thrilled with said new route. what do you do? ahh!

i hear we're supposed to pray about stuff like this. i get that. but its like praying for patience.. God doesn't hand out patience. God hands out situations with which to build patience. too bad i can't pray for God to make the decision for me. i mean i suppose i could, but what if i don't like the outcome? this is what i'm afraid of:

"...saved the first for another day. but knowing as how way leads on to way, i doubt if i should ever come back..."

never thought i could relate that hideously boring poem to real life. good thing i took the time to actually memorize it.

did you know that if you memorize something in a weird voice (i.e, learning the Robert Frost poem in a british accent..) makes it -on average- 73% easier to learn? i'm sure there's a study to prove it..if not, i'll be the study that proves it. i think i could probably get rich that way. not that i'm all about the money, i could be just fine with never earning a dollar. of course, that would mean i'd be forced to marry rich and enjoy a country-club lifestyle. but i feel that if that's what it takes, then that's a sacrifice i must make. you know, for the furthering of...memorizational education. if there is such a thing..

i've come to a conclusion. i'll just avoid all confrontations and decisive situations by fantasizing about derby-days and soccer mom t-shirts and brainstorming non-profit get-rich-quick schemes. i feel its a safe bet.. dont you?

Monday, March 29

rule #17

rule #17 for supper out with the softball team.
-don't suggest telling the waiter its someone's birthday (so you can hear the cool spanish birthday song and eat ice cream) and then leave the table...

according to Leslie, i'm fun to stalk and she would read my blog, had i a blog. so here goes. :)

this weekend someone told me i was the most impulsive person they'd ever met. i'm not sure if that's a compliment or an insult, or just a fact. i just don't get it. i mean i realize that i have a tendency to interrupt the calm flow of a conversation, but i'm pretty sure it's because i have a loud voice, and i catch people off-guard. i like to think that my outbursts are somewhat rational and typically go right along with the conversation. but i guess normalcy is in the eye of the beholder?

i'm not a fan of tough decisions. at all. i'm a fan of the office and chocolate milk. anything more involved than that seems like a waste of my time. which i'm sure is a naive teenage attitude about the world, but for now i'm okay with that.

what do you say in a blog? is this good? ha. i dunno... but what i do know is that i'm craving some chocolate milk. and i have a new favorite office quote.
i'm always thinking one step ahead. like a carpenter...who builds stairs.